How AEC Survived 2019 Flood

This year, heavy rains caused havoc in Kerala. Wayanad district, being in the eco-sensitive zone, had heavy rainfall daily for 3-4 days. Around 200 relief camps were opened and several thousands of people were put up at these camps. More than 100 people lost their lives in landslides and floods across the state.

Fortunately, rain Gods calmed down sooner than the last year. AEC at Panavally just managed to survive without too much damage.
Our nursery and shelter got flooded, but thankfully we did not lose any saplings. Paddy is a crop of wetlands and we are getting the land ready for transplanting. We hope to get the planting done without losing the season. Last year, we had to sow the seeds and raise the saplings again, but this time nature has been kind and so we can use the same saplings.

Neighbouring farmers have also started the preparation for replanting. The connecting path got damaged and flooded and so the tiller is taken through the paddy fields. Our fence needs repairs. The road is also damaged and we will know the extent of the damage only after the floodwater fully recedes. The well at AEC has got muddy with rain water and so it has to be flushed out and mud cleared before it becomes fit for use.
With the support of the Association for India’s Development (AID), we are restoring the Agroecology Centre.
Thus Thanal Agroecology centre is gradually but steadily getting back to action.